Vintage Photo Reproduction on Canvas

Old black-and-white photos can be difficult to reproduce. The original photos are very delicate
and often too small to display in your home. You may have a drawer or album full of these historic family photos and would love to see them displayed in your house or to give as a gift.

If you’ve ever considered having some of your family or historical mementoes made larger,
canvas is a great way to go. The subtle textures of the fabric make it the perfect material for
blowing up images of this nature. Here are some of the key reasons to consider making old
photos into canvas prints:

Canvas is best for enlarging photos

Old photos are usually small to begin with, meaning enlarging these photos would make the
print look pixelated or distorted. With canvas, however, the texture of the canvas helps to mask
some of the imperfections and “film grain” of older photos. You can take a standard 8×10″ photo and expand it all the way up to nearly one metre without losing detail or quality. 
You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous these photos will look enlarged on canvas.

Restore damages with expert photo editing

Old photos can have a lot of issues. Damage, fingerprints, creases, stains, and more can
plague even the best cared for photos. But did you know that an expert with Photoshop can help to fix all of these? With a loving hand, we can help clean away fingerprints, creases, and undo years of stains on your cherished photos. So if you are looking for a way to beautify and
improve old photos, ask us about retouching your heirlooms and memories today. It will ensure
that your canvas print will look even better than the original!

Fix coloration and dulling

Another thing that many old photographs suffer from is discoloration. Photography has come a
long way since it was invented, but even new photos still suffer when mistreated or hung where
light can bleach them. Most old photos also are printed on older kinds of paper, few of them
archive worthy. This makes it important to attempt to recover what was lost by time. Colouration
can be fixed with some careful photo retouching and an expert hand. You won’t believe how
beautiful your new canvas version of an old or damaged photo can really look.

Scan photos at high quality

Scanning your old photos in very high resolution can help to ensure that your canvas has every
single detail included. We recommend scanning at no less than 600 dpi for this enlargement
process and saved as a high resolution .jpeg or .tiff file. High quality scans can also be shared
and saved on your computer or phone. This will open up endless possibilities for your old
photos, newspaper clippings, and generations of mementoes.

Restoring old pictures for print onto canvas is a great way to display and appreciate those
precious photos of the past. We will provide you with the digital copy along with a stretched and
ready to hang canvas print for your wall. This is the perfect gift for a loved one or something you
can cherish forever!

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