Cheap vs Quality Canvas Printing

Canvas prints are a really great way to add beauty and colour to your home. They are durable,
easy to care for, and incredibly beautiful. There are tons of companies out there that claim to
have the highest quality products, but how do you know you’re truly getting a quality,
long-lasting piece? While a cheap canvas print may seem appealing at first, saving that money
up front will influence the lifespan and quality of your print. Many of the cheaper brands won’t
have the staying power or the beauty of real archival prints. Here’s a few things that set apart a
high-quality canvas print from one of the “bargain” buys.

Quality of Canvas

To make sure that your canvas print will have the best look and the longest lifespan, you need
to start with the right canvas. But it can be hard to tell online how high the quality is. Lucky for
you, there is a simple question that you can ask to make sure you’re getting the right stuff. That
question is: Is your canvas archival? If the company says no, they are buying inferior canvas.

Quality of Inks and Timber

Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of inks and timber your canvas printer is using! Quality inks will
have amazing colour and a long-lasting finish. Great timber will be durable, strong, and well
sealed. If your contact at your potential printer loves to talk about the quality of their inks and
timber, they will most likely have the best of both worlds. However, if your rep doesn’t have
much information on the brand and quality of these, you will most likely be getting less than
stellar finished products.

Image Editing

Does your potential canvas printer offer photo editing and enhancements? A quality printer will
always have their own graphic designers or photo editors to ensure each piece looks its best
when it comes off the printer. Most quality printers will have the latest Photoshop and Illustrator
software available for these crucial steps. If it’s not offered, you may have a low quality printer
on your hands.

UV Coatings

Time, light, dirt, and other unavoidable things can wear down your photos. However, there are
ways to slow down the ravages of time. One of the best is a high-quality UV laminate coating.
Not all companies offer UV coatings, fade resistant inks, or any other type of protection for their
short-lived canvas prints. Make sure you’re getting a long-lasting canvas print by ensuring they
will be coating or protecting your print with the right products.

Specially Trained or Jack of All Prints?

Does your potential canvas printer only work on canvases? We believe it’s important to immerse
yourself in what you do. This way, you get the best from people who know canvas and
specialize in it. If your printer also offers a bunch of other kinds of printed products, they may not
have the knowledge and skill to ensure beautiful, perfectly stretched prints.



Offering the Right Size

If you have an odd size print, it can be difficult to match your art to a predetermined canvas size.
While most of the cheaper canvas printers only offer common sizes, a quality company will offer
custom sizes for your most unusual prints. If the company doesn’t stretch their own canvas
prints or they don’t offer any custom sizes, this usually means their prints are being
mass-produced, and more than likely in an overseas factory.

A Quality Guarantee

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re getting the best quality prints is to check the
company’s assurances. If the company does not offer satisfaction guarantees, there may be a
good reason for it! Make sure you are confident in your ability to contact customer service with
questions, complaints, and returns if there is an issue when your canvas arrives. If there is no
direct phone number or you have difficulty reaching customer service, they might not be there
for you when you need them most.

Hidden Costs

What does your canvas price include? If you find your potential canvas printer wants to charge
you separately for things that should be included, you may not be getting the deal you thought
you were. Check that things like photo editing, custom proofs, UV laminate coatings and
finishing details are all included in the pricing you are getting. If not, you may want to find a new
printer for your canvases.

With so many options available online, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. Here at
Canvas Print Studio, we use only the highest quality canvas, genuine Canon inks, and an
archival protective laminate to ensure a long life for your beautiful prints. We keep our prices
competitive through our innovative online ordering system, but we keep it friendly with
old-fashioned, face-to-face service. We would love to help you bring your ideas to life.

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