Caring For Your Canvas Art Prints

Just got a new canvas art print? You’ll want your piece to stick around for a long time, so you’ll
need to take care of it properly. If cleaned, hung, and displayed with care, your print can last for
more than a century! So if you want to pass down your beautiful pieces to the next generation,
you’ll need a little know-how on keeping your canvas picture perfect.

Hanging with Care

Our canvas prints are incredibly durable and strong. As long as you hang your new print with
some care, you’ll have a long-lasting piece that can be handed down through the generations.
First, canvas prints are indoor only products; we cannot recommend hanging canvas prints
outdoors. They are not treated against weather and outdoor wear and tear. Canvas prints
should not be hung in places that experience extreme heat, cold, or high fluctuations in
temperatures. Canvas prints love to be kept at room temperature as regularly as possible.

What about sunlight? Our prints are treated with a UV protective coating of laminate. This
protects the colour of your canvas, even if it is displayed in a room filled with natural light. So
feel free to hang your canvas just about anywhere in your home. But just like a painting or a
piece of art, direct sunlight hitting the canvas for extended periods of the day is not

Handle Gently

Your canvas is a durable piece of artwork, but it can still be damaged if you are not careful.
Before handling your canvas, it is important to wash your hands; oils and dirt from your hands
can damage the print or stain it. Also, always store and transport prints face up; if the canvas is
placed face down, the surface coating may become scratched or dented.

Another important thing to remember when handling your canvas is not to poke or push
anything against the surface of the canvas. This may cause the canvas to stretch, or leave an
impression in the canvas that may not be able to be fixed.

Tightening Loose Canvas

Over the years of temperature changes, handling, and storing, your canvas print may begin to
sag a little inside of its frame. This can happen over the long lifespan of your art and the steps to
fix it are very simple and straightforward. First, you will need distilled water and a clean spray
bottle. Spray a fine mist of the water over the back of the canvas. As the canvas dries, it should
tighten up, pulling itself back into its proper position.

Fixing Small Impressions

The same steps that help you to reshape your canvas when it sags can also help with any other
small imperfections on your canvas. A fine spray of distilled water can help to fix small dents,
stretches, or impressions left by careless fingers.

Keeping Your Canvas Clean

You don’t need to purchase any special cleaning products for your canvas! To clean your
beautiful artwork, all you will need is a soft, clean cloth, a vacuum cleaner with soft brush
attachments, and some distilled water. If your canvas has a little dust on it, all you’ll need to do
is wipe it down with a soft towel. Any dust or surface dirt should come right off! If there is a lot of dust, vacuuming your canvas is also an option. Use a soft brush attachment to make sure that
you get the canvas clean without scratching the surface.

Need something a little stronger? Harsh cleaners and chemicals aren’t safe for your canvas, but
if you have heavy duty stains or splashes on your canvas, you can still get it clean. All you need
is a damp, soft cloth and a little patience. Lucky for you, your canvas print is made with quality
ink, embedded directly into the fibers. All this is covered with a protective, waterproof laminate
that guards your canvas from stains. Since all of that dirt is sitting on top of the coating, all you
need is a little patience and gentle rubbing to get all of it off. That’s one of our favourite parts of
canvas prints!

Overall, maintaining your canvas prints is incredibly easy. As long as you take care while
handling, cleaning, hanging, and storing your artwork using these tips, your canvas should last
for many years to come. Canvas prints are a great way to have a carefree, long-lasting
relationship with your artwork!

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